Day 32 — Governance

Susan Coleman

God intended for mankind to rule over his creation and manage it well, in communion with Him (Gen 1:28; 2:15). Thus, he established leaders and rulers over people and regions. The first entity of authority God established was the family, then there were tribes, judges, and kings. Authority is God’s idea. And just as in all things God has created, the enemy works to establish a counterfeit.

Corrupt authority is not God’s idea. Although God established the idea of authority, it is always run by people. And although God is very clear that He is the one who puts people in power (Proverbs 21:1; Daniel 2:21), no matter the person, the enemy can lead them astray by tempting them to lead out of pride, power, anger, jealousy, control, etc. However, because authority was a pure God-idea in the beginning, people can also lead out of humility, service, righteousness, and freedom.

When God provides His people with the opportunity to be engaged in the rule of their communities, regions, and countries, it is an opportunity to partner with Him to establish rules that govern according to His will, His ways, His truth. There are such people participating in our governance, whose desire is to manage well in communion with God. If we are not in a position of this kind of leadership, we can still partner with God by praying for those who are. I would suggest getting to know the names of those in power – even if you think you disagree with their philosophies, and pray these types of specific, intentional prayers over them:

That they may:

  • Be a voice for righteousness
  • Be filled with humility and acknowledge God is the ruler over all rulers
  • See what is not seen
  • Have courage to speak of godly perspectives and make difficult decisions when needed
  • Have the ability to work with those who do not know Christ yet
  • Have protection from temptation and the attacks of the evil one
  • Have their identity set on the rock as they are vilified by people with opposing views
  • Be like David as he left Jerusalem (2 Sam 15:9:13)
  • Know who their true adversary is
  • Pass laws that honor God and bring His righteousness
  • Repeal laws that are idolatrous
  • Experience God as a friend who sticks closer than a brother

Take a moment to pray over your school, city, county, state and federal leaders.

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