Sundays – 10 AM Sunday Services live stream on Living Hope Live group Facebook page

Wednesday’s – “Digging Deeper” live stream on Living Hope Live Group Facebook page


Reminder- church work day Saturday June 6th at 8 AM. Men & women come help get our church ready for in person services. Light bulbs need changing, misc small facility repairs, cobwebs are outa here!, etc. Wear your face mask, or not, your choice. (I am hearing rumors of donuts).

Sunday, June 7th, Pastor Derek and Pastor Kathy will be sharing their farewell message with our congregation. There will be a child dedication and a deacon consecration for Pastor Derek to officiate. These are all important mile-stones to participate in as a church family. Your attendance is valued and an integral part of who we are as a church family. Remember to log on Facebook to Living Hope Live on Sunday at 10 AM. 

Sunday Services and Wednesday “Digging Deeper” continue to be live streamed via Facebook on our Living Hope Live Group. Join in and contribute with your well placed “amen” and “preach it”. Sing along with the worship too! We may not be able to connect in person, but we can still encourage one another during our virtual get-togethers. We hope to gather in person in the near future.

The Early Learning Center is now full day (7:30 AM-5:30 PM) Monday – Friday.  If you know someone looking for a quality program, we are open.  We only have 6 spots left, so we need to hear from interested people quickly.

When are we meeting in person for church again? We are working on the answer to that question, putting plans in place for health safety, and meeting state guidelines for numbers that can gather together. Let’s all pray that we can celebrate and worship together “in person” in the very near future.

We have plans to continue live streaming the services when we meet in person. Pastor Derek has researched what is needed and we can get our sanctuary equipped to record and live stream as well as the Fellowship Hall. The camera set up comes in two pieces with a cost of $4318, lighting required for the stage area $2500, and Fellowship Hall equipment $1200. This is fully installed. If you feel led to support the live streaming project (above your regular tithe), please indicate Live Streaming Project on your donation.


June 6th ~ Work day at church

June 7th~ Pastors farewell service live stream

June 12th-13th ~ OFM Annual Conference Meeting

June 21st – Father’s Day

August 10th-14th ~ Youth Camp Switchback

August 21st-22nd ~ Church Parking Lot Sale

September 9th ~ Early Learning Center 1st day fall session

Sept 11th – 13th ~ Women’s Retreat