What is spiritual direction?

Simply stated, spiritual direction is: one person guiding another person to an awareness of God in their lives. Spiritual direction helps us become aware of the ways which we cooperate with, ignore, or in some cases actively hinder the Holy Spirit’s work within us.

Spiritual direction is a discipline which one person (Director) helps another person (Directee) deepen his/her relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is done through conversations that:

  • Examine our image of God
  • Explore God’s character as revealed to us through scripture
  • Examine our personal response to Him through prayer and listening
  • Look closely at how we allow God into our circumstance
  • View our situation as an opportunity for spiritual growth


I believe the scriptures are given to us as God’s inspired word and they are the foundational context for my particular style of spiritual direction. I believe God’s word is essential for knowing who God is and understanding the personal relationship He offers us through His Son Jesus Christ. I identify with the title Christian Spiritual Director.
As a spiritual director I see myself in different roles: a prayer partner, encourager, compassionate sister, non-judgmental listener, accountability partner, and one who challenges spiritual commitment and growth.
It brings me great joy to meet with other believers and see how God is working in their lives. I hold our times together as holy and treat it with confidentiality. I have an office at church where we can meet, but am willing to travel to a coffee shop. Everyone’s spiritual journey is different and the time spent with a spiritual director fits into those individual needs. Usually a time with me last 60 to 90 minutes and can be once a month, once a year, or just when needed.
I hope you have found this helpful. Feel free to call if you have questions or just want to keep the conversation going.

Debbie Powell, Certified Spiritual Director, BS, MS