Who Am I?

I’m meditating on the cross this Lent season as I prepare spiritually for Resurrection Sunday. Today my prayer led me to ask, “Who exactly is Mark Kelley?”

Mark Kelley is the little boy who heard Jesus ask him to accept the gift of salvation. I didn’t know much at that time, but I knew that Jesus died on the cross so that he could forgive me of my sins. I confessed my sins, accepted God’s forgiveness, and became a child of God.

Mark Kelley is the young man who grew tired of trying to make God happy out of his own efforts. When I heard God ask if I would step out of His way and let the Holy Spirit fill me, I said “yes.”

Mark Kelley is the college student seeking God’s direction for a career. In the biggest surprise of my life, I heard God say “Mark, I have a place for you in full-time ministry.” Until, I had resisted the idea of church ministry, but since then, I have enjoyed every minute of following Jesus in this sacred task.

People may look at me as a family member, church leader, teacher, friend, or guy in the Costco line, and pray I do all of those well. But what makes me me is those three experiences. I accepted unmerited forgiveness, I was transformed, and I am called.

At the foot of the cross, I remain desperate for grace, thankful for God’s mercy, and amazed to see God’s hand at work.

Who, exactly, are you?

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